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Good Experimental Design: Pitfalls & Solutions

This lecture series offers you the opportunity to learn about good experimental design from experienced researchers to improve quality and reproducibility of your research data.

Target group: clinician scientists and experimental scientists who are actively involved in lab research


Date Location


18 Oct 2017

Großer Hörsaal, Medizinische Klinik  

Proteomics - Experimental Design and Sample Collection

Speaker: PD Dr. Oliver Schilling, Freiburg

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22 Nov 2017

Seminarraum Fenster, ZTZ

Animal Models for Inflammation and Leukemia

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert Zeiser, Freiburg

17 Jan 2018
Seminarraum Fenster, ZTZ

Evidenced-based Medicine, Systematic Literature Search

Speaker: Dr. Anette Blümle, Cochrane Germany

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14 March 2018
Seminarraum Fenster, ZTZ

Biostatistics: Issues of Statistical Significance

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harald Binder, Freiburg

16 May 2018
Seminarraum Fenster, ZTZ

High-throughput Data

Speaker: Dr. Dr. Melanie Börries, DKFZ, Freiburg


Organised by Research Management of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Freiburg


Further topics in 2018:

  • Reproducibility in Cell Culture Studies
  • Good Institutional Scientific Practice / Structured Quality / Management for Preclinical Research