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Lecture Series - Pitfalls & Solutions: Good Design of Grant Proposals


"Good Design of Grant Proposals"

Are you planning to apply for a grant? This lecture series provides information on various topics related to grant proposal writing. The research management of the Faculty of Medicine, therefore, invites experts who inform you about different aspects of grant proposals like management of research data or publication record.

We invite you to get in touch with experts, discuss and exchange information with your peer group because successful acquisition of research funding is essential for your academic career!

Target group:   Clinician Scientists and researchers who want to apply for a grant

Venue:             Seminar room window, ZTZ, Breisacher Str. 115

Time:               12:00 – 12:45 You can bring your lunch!

Upcoming Events

You can bring your lunch!


Further topics planned:

The ideal "CV" and publication record; Intramural grants at the Faculty of Medicine and University of Freiburg; Strategic planning of publications, authorships and cooperation; Career path at the University Medicine; Wissenschaftszeit-vertragsgesetz; Networking for your career


Previous Events




12.00 pm

External funding opportunities for early-career Postdocs

This presentation provides information on different research funding opportunities for early-career postdocs.

Speakers: Dr. Karin Werner and Alexander Affeldt, Research Management

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12.00 pm

Gender equality in your grant application

This lecture will give you information about the possibility to integrate gender equality measures of the Faculty of Medicine in your grant and to develop individual goals for your research consortium.

Speaker: Maike Busson-Spielberger, Gender Equality Office

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12.00 pm

Grant Writing Tips

This presentation provides hints for the writing of grant proposals. It points out what you should consider regarding the structure of the proposal, CV and publication list and it gives insight of what reviewers pay attention to.

Speaker: Prof. Robert Zeiser, Department of Medicine I


12.00 pm

Management of data and knowledge and its importance for grant proposals

The handling of research data and knowledge in compliance with good scientific practice becomes more and more important for the scientific community and for research funding organisations. This lecture will give insight into the implementation (handling, storage, public accessibility) of your research data.

Speaker: PD Dr. Martin Boeker, Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics

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