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Prof. Dr.
Claudia Spahn

Freiburg Institute for Musicians‘ Medicine
Head of Institute
Phone: 0049-761-270-61610


  • 1983-1991 Studies of Medicine
  • 1986 -1991 Studies of Music
  • 1993 Doctoral thesis
  • 1999 Specialist degree
  • 2004 Venia legendi
  • Since 2004 Full professor (W3),  University of Music Freiburg and Director of the Freiburg Institute for Musicians‘ Medicine

Focus of research

  • Prevention and Health Promotion for Musicians
  • Music Performance Anxiety
  • Musicphysiological Basics and Methods for Instrumentalists

Selected publications

  • Spahn C, Walther JC, Nusseck M. The effectiveness of a multimodal concept of audition training for music students in coping with music performance anxiety. Psychology of Music. 2015; 44:893-909.
  • Spahn C. Treatment and prevention of music performance anxiety. In: Altenmüller E, Finger S, Boller F. (ed.). Progress in Brain Research. 2015; Vol. 217, Amsterdam Elsevier, pp. 129-140.
  • Spahn C. Musikergesundheit in der Praxis. Henschel. Leipzig 2015.
  • Spahn C, Wasmer C, Eickhoff F, Nusseck M. Comparing violinists' body movements while standing, sitting, and in sitting orientations to the right or left of a music stand. Medical Problems of Performing Artists. 2014; 29:86-93.
  • Spahn C, Richter B, Pöppe J, Echternach M. Physical insights for players of wind instruments. DVD ROM. Helbling 2013.

Research methods

  • Development of questionaires
  • 3D Motion Capturing
  • Nexus 10B Bio-feedback-System