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Career paths and qualification

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University medicine forms the scientific foundation of our health system. Innovative diagnostic and treatment procedures are developed and applied to patient care.  In order to meet this challenge in the future, we need excellent researchers, physicians, and clinician scientists working at the interface of research and medical treatment.

The aim of Freiburg University Medicine is to provide optimal conditions for future researchers and clinicians to pursue individual career paths.  Transparent structures, career services and funding programmes for all career steps help early-career fellows to manage their responsibilities in the clinic, their research, and their families, while being able to organize their careers flexibly. These web pages outline possible career paths at the Freiburg University Medicine (see diagram, please click to enlarge), which are based on the personnel development concept of the University of Freiburg. You will find current programmes and funding options available for each career step (Postdoc: R2 and R3, Professorship: R4) outlined under the following links. Specific consultation and supervisory services, as well as coaching measures for your individual career, are also provided.

Qualification offers and career counseling for postdocs are combined in the EQUIP Programme (Education and Qualification for Postdocs) by the Faculty of Medicine. This programme includes a broad range of courses run by various institutions, such as the in-house training center (Fachbereich Fortbildung, “Schulungszentrum”) and the library of the Medical Center – University of Freiburg. In addition, different university institutes and the Faculty of Medicine’s office of the dean for research offer courses from the EQUIP Programme. The office of the dean for research is responsible for the conceptualisation and coordination of the EQUIP Programme.


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