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Funding programmes at the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine provides funding programmes that support scientists on their path to (independent) research projects.

Within the framework of its internal research funding, the Faculty of Medicine has established the particular goal of promoting early-career clinical scientists. Clinician Scientist programmes are typically geared towards physicians who are currently in advanced training to become board-certified physicians at a university medical centre and who can document a specific scientific interest. In addition to the Faculty-wide funding line for Clinician Scientists within the Berta Ottenstein Programme, there are thematic group research programmes (EXCEL, NAKSYS) dedicated to the training of Clinician Scientists. The challenge of combining research, teaching and medical care responsibilities remains after physicians receive board certification. For this reason, the funding line for Advanced Clinician Scientists within the Berta Ottenstein Programme was implemented. It offers protected research time to scientifically and clinically competent board-certified physicians.