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Postdoc Mailing List: Registration Form

To offer the best possible support for researchers and clinicians pursuing an individualized career path, the Faculty of Medicine has implemented the EQUIP (Education and Qualification for Postdocs)-Programme, which provides a variety of target group-specific courses and lectures covering both scientific topics and transferrable skills.

To stay informed about specific courses, lectures, events, calls and information relevant to postdocs at the Faculty of Medicine, please subscribe to the mailing list by filling out the registration form below.


Privacy Statement
Registration I agree to having the data collected above stored and processed solely for documentation purposes on the server of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg. Personal information will only be used for this mailing list and not be disclosed to third parties.
Withdrawal option I am entitled to request for access to stored personal data relating to myself and to unsubscribe from the Postdoc mailing list by sending a short email to