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Prof. Dr.
Christian Gratzke

Department of Urology, Center for Surgery at the Medical Center - University of Freiburg
Medical Director
Phone: 0049-761-270-28910


  • 2003 Thesis, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
  • 2010 PhD, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
  • 2012 Associate professor at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
  • 2016 Senior consultant at the urological clinic and polyclinic of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich        
  • Since 2018 Full Professor for Urology at the University of Freiburg - Medical Center

Focus of research

  • Diagnosis and treatment of localized prostate cancer
  • Novel minimally-invasive treatment options for benign prostatic syndrome
  • Systemic treatment of advanced, metastatic prostate cancer

Selected publications

  • Hennenberg M, Miljak M, Herrmann D, Strittmatter F, Walther S, Rutz B, Hocaoglu Y, Kunit T, Schreiber A, Andersson KE, Stief CG, and Gratzke C. The receptor antagonist picotamide inhibits adrenergic and thromboxane-induced contraction of hyperplastic human prostate smooth muscle. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 305, F1383-90 (2013).
  • Sonksen J, Barber NJ, Speakman MJ, Berges R, Wetterauer U, Greene D, Sievert KD, Chapple CR, Montorsi F, Patterson JM, Fahrenkrug L, Schoenthaler M and Gratzke C. Prospective, randomized, multinational study of prostatic urethral lift versus transurethral resection of the prostate: 12-month results from the BPH6 study. Eur Urol 68, 643-652 (2015).
  • Gratzke C, Bachmann A, Descazeaud A, Drake MJ, Madersbacher S, Mamoulakis C, Oelke M, Tikkinen KA and Gravas S. EAU Guidelines on the Assessment of Non-neurogenic Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms including Benign Prostatic Obstruction. Eur Urol 67, 1099-109 (2015).
  • Azzouzi AR, Vincendeau S, Barret E, Cicco A, Kleinclauss F, van der Poel HG, Stief CG, Rassweiler J, Salomon G, Solsona E, Alcaraz A, Tammela TT, Rosario DJ, Gomez-Veiga F, Ahlgren G, Benzaghou F, Gaillac B, Amzal B, Debruyne FM, Fromont G, Gratzke C and Emberton M. Padeliporfin vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy versus active surveillance in men with low-risk prostate cancer (CLIN1001 PCM301): an open-label, phase 3, randomised controlled trial. Lancet Oncol 18, 181-191 (2017).
  • Gratzke C, Dovey Z, Novara G, Geurts N, De Groote R, Schatteman P, de Naeyer G, Gandaglia G and Mottrie A. Early Catheter Removal after Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy: Surgical Technique and Outcomes for the Aalst Technique (ECaRemA Study). Eur Urol. 69, 917-923 (2016).