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Education and Qualification for Postdocs (EQUIP) - Career coaching

Coaching on personal career development
  • What are typical career paths in medical science and what are strategic steps I should take next?
  • What other options do I have outside of academia and how do I take career decisions?
  • How can I continue to be scientifically successful while maintaining a good work-life balance?

In our career coaching we offer support in dealing with these and similar questions.



The office of the dean for research of the Faculty of Medicine provides career coaching for Clinician Scientists and Medical Scientists by qualified staff who are familiar with the particular challenges of scientific activity in university medicine.

We offer professional, solution- and resource-oriented support for your career development process.

Depending on your individual requirements, we offer support in the form of

  • assessment of your professional situation, capabilities and options
  • collection of competency and requirement profiles
  • support in decision-making processes
  • guidance on useful further training courses
  • assistance in strategic career planning and developing concrete action steps (action plan)

In our career coaching we emphasize confidentiality, esteem, empowerment (helping you to help yourself), and the responsibility of researchers for taking their own decisions.


Target group

Researchers (Clinician Scientists and Medical Scientists) who have already completed their doctorate and are affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Freiburg.



Appointments are made upon enquiry; there may be a waiting period depending on current demand.  The number of consultation appointments is usually limited to one or two meetings.