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Information for Research Networks

Funding of Gender Equality Measures by the DFG (German Research Foundation)


Collaborative research centres, research units and research training groups can apply for funding gender equality measures when applying for their research project.

The guidelines for these measures are set by the DFG in the module "Gender Equality Measures in Research Networks".

The measures funded through this module should provide support in order to

  • increase the number of women researchers at the project management level;
  • increase the career qualifications (in addition to academic qualifications) of early-career women researchers working in the network;
  • make jobs in science and academia more family friendly.


The grant is earmarked and can be supplemented with other network funds if necessary.

(DFG form 52.14 - 10/11, II, p. 1-2)


Applicants for Collaborative Research Centers (SFB), Research Units (FOR) or Research Training Groups (GRK) can receive support from the Equal Opportunities Office in designing the chapter about gender equality, both during the application phase and after approval when implementing the measures. Please read the information under "Genderconsulting".


The Equal Opportunities Office of the Faculty of Medicine Freiburg is a member of the nationwide network GenderConsulting.