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The project "DETECT - for non-discriminatory medical education" has been awarded the Bertha Ottenstein Prize 2023


The project against sexist and racist discrimination in medical education has been awarded the Bertha Ottenstein Prize. The prize was presented on the occasion of the Dies Universitatis on Wednesday, October 18 as part of the university's official award ceremony.

On its website, the DETECT project offers the opportunity to anonymously report cases of discrimination in medical training nationwide at a low threshold and thus make them visible. Each report is reviewed by the Detect team and, if necessary, edited before it is published.

The project has also given rise to other initiatives, including draft seminars on the topics of "raising awareness of discrimination" and "civil courage". DETECT thus increases the visibility of the problem, promotes awareness among stakeholders and provides them with tools to counter discrimination in the future.

The Bertha Ottenstein Prize, endowed with 5,000 euros, is awarded once a year. This prize recognizes special initiatives in the field of women's advancement and gender equality work as well as outstanding scientific achievements in gender and diversity research. This year, the award goes in equal parts, i.e. 2,500 euros each, to the DETECT project and the "Gender-sensitive psychotherapy" seminar designed by Hanna M. Micklitz and Paula Hartleitner.


Prof. Dr. Daiana Stolz is new Faculty Equal Opportunity Officer

The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine elected Prof. Dr. Daiana Stolz, Clinic Director of the Department of Pneumology, as the new Faculty Equal Opportunity Officer of the Faculty of Medicine in its meeting on February 23, 2023. Prof. Stolz replaces Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos as the Faculty Equal Opportunity Officer.