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Dental Medicine

The dentistry program comprises ten semesters, divided into a preclinical and a clinical section.  The regular duration is ten semesters and six months, including the dentistry examination (Staatsexamen). 

In the Dental Medicine program, practical training with real patients is in the foreground alongside theory and work on the phantom simulation head. The clinical courses cover measures to conserve teeth, dental surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental prostheses, and the treatment of malpositioned jaws and teeth.

New laws governing medical licensing have led to an increasing emphasis on the goals and skills set out in the Nationaler Kompetenzbasierter Lernzielkatalog Zahnmedizin (NKLZ).

Teaching is primarily in the form of regular lectures and seminars but also includes e-learning modules, group projects, and problem-oriented learning.

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