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Molecular Medicine

The new, future-oriented Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programs in Molecular Medicine in Freiburg support the fast pace of developments in the life sciences and the resulting professional prospect in research. Molecular medicine researchers apply multidisciplinary thinking to clinical problems. In this way, students become qualified to identify the causes of disease at the molecular level and to develop new options for diagnostics, treatment, and prevention using that perspective.

The three-year Bachelor’s program teaches students theoretical knowledge in the disciplines of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Molecular Medicine, and Anatomy. They also learn the basics of scientific method. The two-year Master’s program teaches students specific knowledge in the area of molecular and translational biomedical research. They also learn to apply scientific method and carry out academic work independently. As part of their course-related practical work students in both programs may select an individual focus in a medical or scientific elective.

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