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IMMediate: IMMune-Mediated Diseases – Advanced Clinician Scientist-Program

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Currently no call for applications. The next call will be in 2024. You can be added on a pre-notification list: 



IMMediate Advanced Clinician Scientist-Program

The Advanced Clinician Scientist (ACS)-Program IMMediate, “Immune-Mediated Diseases” is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

IMMediate is a six-year structured Advanced Clinician Scientist-Program that allows board certified physicians with a focus on immune-mediated diseases to combine research and patient care flexibly.

The key components of the IMMediate Advanced Clinician Scientist-Program are

  • excellent research environment shaped by world-leading scientists,
  • flexible and protected combination of basic or clinical research time (50%), teaching and health care,
  • participation in an integrative and interdisciplinary network of ACS at comparable career stages,
  • integration into the internationally visible research profile on immune-mediated diseases,
  • access to cutting-edge technology platforms, core facilities, clinical study center, data management facilities and biobanks,
  • an individual qualification, coaching and mentoring program,
  • integration into a structured academic career pathway with active involvement in training and further education of medical students and clinician scientists and
  • scientific and clinical independence with a perspective for a permanent position in academic medicine.


The scientific research program

The scientific projects within IMMediate are centered in the Faculty of Medicine’s profile areas of immunology, oncology and cell research by focusing on immune-mediated diseases that target different organs but are unified by dysregulated immune responses driving disease pathogenesis. Thus, IMMediate aims to unravel common principles of immune-mediated diseases and to advance mechanistic understanding that is relevant in different disease settings. The integrative and interdisciplinary IMMediate network will focus on these common principles and thereby foster synergies and collaborations between ACS from different disciplines, all focusing on the functional, phenotypical and transcriptional analysis of immune reactions. 


Mentoring and qualification program

IMMediate offers a qualification program that is tailored to the individual needs of Advanced Clinician Scientists and consists of the following key elements:

  • a curriculum to enhance competencies in the fields of leadership, team science, future skills as well as science communication and outreach
  • participation in EQUIP (Education and Qualification for Postdocs)-courses as well as events offered by the Faculty of Medicine (e.g. Science Day, Lecture Series etc.)
  • peer coaching sessions
  • individual coaching sessions
  • opportunities for scientific exchange with critical feedback and discussion in seminar series
  • structured mentoring by a personal fellowship committee, e.g. in form of discussions to agree on objectives, regular feedback meetings etc.
  • personal mentoring by two matched career mentors outside the formal fellowship committee


Selection process

  • Stage 1: Departments / institutes with researchers working on the topic of immune-mediated diseases as well as potential ACS candidates apply for an ACS position (one application by the department and one application by the ACS candidate). Applications are assessed in a written procedure by the selection committee.
  • Stage 2: in stage 1 selected competitive candidates will be invited to present their scientific project and their career development plan in front of the selection committee in a selection committee meeting. It is mandatory for the director of the hosting department to participate and to answer any questions from the Selection Committee, e.g. in respect of long-term career endpoints for the ACS in her*his department / institute.


IMMediate PI/Program-Spokesperson:

Prof. Dr. Robert Thimme
Department of Medicine II, Medical Center – University of Freiburg


Further information