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Prof. Dr.
Gerhild Becker, MD, MTh, MA, MSc

Department of Palliative Care
Medical Director
Phone: 0049-761-270-95412



  • 1990 Master of Theology, University of Hamburg
  • 1997 M.D., University of Freiburg
  • 2005 Master of Arts in Christian Social Science, University of Freiburg
  • 2006 Master of Science in Palliative Care, King’s College, University of London
  • 2007 Postdoctoral Lecture Qualification in Internal Medicine and Palliative Care, School of Medicine, University of Freiburg
  • 2008 Board Certification in Internal Medicine
  • Since 2009 Director of “Online Master's Program in Palliative Care", University of Freiburg
  • Since 2012 Full Professor (W3) and Medical Director, Department of Palliative Care, Medical Center - University of Freiburg

Focus of Research

  • Quality of life
  • End-of-life-care

Selected Publications

  • Siemens W, Xander C, Meerpohl IJ, Buroh S, Antes G, Schwarzer G, Becker G. Pharmacological interventions for pruritus in adult palliative care patients. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2016; Vol 11pp.
  • Jors K, Adami S, Xander C, Meffert C, Gaertner J, Bardenheuer H, Buchheidt D, Mayer-Steinacker R, Viehrig M, George W, Becker G. Dying in cancer centers: do the circumstances allow for a dignified death? Cancer. 2014; 120:3254-60.
  • Becker G, Merk CS, Meffert C, Momm F. Measuring individual quality of life in patients receiving radiation therapy: the SEIQoLQuestionnaire. Qual Life Res. 2014; 23(7): 2025-2030.
  • Becker G, Hatami I, Xander C, Dworschak-Flach B, Olschewski M, Momm F, Deibert P, Higginson I, Blum HE. Palliative cancer care: an epidemiologic study. J Clin Oncol. 2011; 29(6):646-50.
  • Becker G, Blum HE. Novel opioid antagonists for opioid-induced bowel dysfunction and postoperative ileus. Lancet. 2009; 373:1198-1206.