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The city of Freiburg


Life is worth living in Freiburg

They say there are two kinds of people in Germany - those who live in Freiburg, and those who would like to. This liveable city in southwestern Germany has 230,000 inhabitants. We have excellent conditions for studies and research, along with a high quality of life. Freiburg is the sunniest metropolis in Germany and is known for the Black Forest mountains, vineyards, the medieval minster, the market square, the mini-canals which run along its streets, and the cafés in the Old Town. At the same time, it is a green city, a symbol of sustainable lifestyles and high environmental standards. Here, students and professors alike ride their bikes to Uni, and the sports club is building a climate-neutral stadium.

Freiburg is international

Freiburg has the highest concentration of researchers anywhere in Germany. The University of Freiburg, the two Max Planck and five Fraunhofer Institutes attract researchers and students from around the world. They give the city an international flair in lecture theaters, laboratories, and the cafeterias - and of course in the lively nightlife and culture scenes.  Freiburg’s location close to the borders of Germany, France, and Switzerland enables cross-border exchange. The Universities of Freiburg, Basel, Karlsruhe, Mulhouse, and Strasbourg work together in the Upper Rhine region’s European Campus.  The five partner universities founded the research area EUCOR - which has already attained world class with 15,000 researchers, 11,000 doctoral candidates, 115,000 students and an overall budget of 2.3 billion euros.