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Research Integrity and Good Scientific Practice

Scientific integrity and adherence to the principles of good scientific practice are essential prerequisites for all scientific work and a guarantee of quality in research.

Office of the University of Freiburg for "Integrity in Science"

Science 2019 the Office for "Integrity in Science" is responsible for the conceptual planning and operational implementation of tasks related to scientific integrity. This includes the support for investigation commissions, responding to queries, cooperation with related institutions, enquiry and documentation.

You can find the University of Freiburg's website on integrity in science here.

Regulations of the University of Freiburg to Ensure Scientific Integrity and Guidelines for Faculties on Scientific Misconduct

You can find the regulations of Albert-Ludwigs University to ensure scientific integrity here.

The guidelines for faculties on scientific misconduct at Albert-Ludwigs University can be found here (internal access only).

Commission "Responsibility in Research" of the Medical Faculty (1998)

In 1998, the Commission "Responsibility in Research" of the Medical Faculty issued recommendations on research responsibility. You can access the Medical Faculty's recommendations on research responsibility here (internal access only).


Mediators for conflicts related to scientific misconduct:

You can find the appointed representatives of Albert-Ludwigs University for self-monitoring and investigation commissions to ensure scientific integrity here.

There is a nationwide network of ombudspersons. You can find the "Ombudsman for Science" here.

You can find the ombudsperson for the University Medical Center Freiburg here.

Codes of Conduct and Guidelines of the DFG

Additionally, the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat), and other scientific associations have published memoranda, guidelines, and codes of conduct:

You can find the DFG's online portal on the "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice" (2019) here.

With the implementation of the code, all universities and non-university research institutions must enforce the 19 guidelines as legally binding in order to receive funding from the DFG. The University of Freiburg has implemented these measures with effect from August 2022.

You can find the DFG's procedural guideline for good scientific practice (July 2023) here.

You can find the DFG's guideline for quality-enhancing aspects in medicine and biomedicine (June 2021) here.

Further information on the DFG's Good Scientific Practice can be found here.

Course: Good Scientific Practice

  • You can find the necessary information here.

Position Papers and Codes of Other Scientific Associations

  • The Code of Conduct for Research Integrity of the European Science Foundation (2023) can be found here.