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IMM-PACT: Targeting common principles of immune mediated disease: from basic science to novel therapies

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IMM-PACT-Program for Clinician Scientists


The Clinician Scientist program IMM-PACT, “Targeting common principles of immune mediated disease: from basic science to novel therapies” is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) since 2018.

IMM-PACT is a three-year structured Clinician Scientist program that allows physicians to flexibly combine research and patient care during their residency.

The IMM-PACT-Program contains three key components:

  • an excellent scientific research program (including protected time for research),
  • a continuous mentoring and qualification program and
  • an innovative leadership training program.


The scientific research program

The scientific projects focus on immunology, an emerging, interdisciplinary field with clinically relevant implications for almost all medical disciplines. A better understanding of basic immunological mechanisms and their role in the pathogenesis of diseases affecting different organ systems is required to delineate novel or optimize current immunotherapeutic approaches.


Mentoring and qualification program

IMM-PACT offers an individualized course program for key qualifications and transferable skills as well as interdisciplinary seminars, meetings, symposia and translational clinical conferences. IMM-PACT Clinician Scientists will benefit from continuous mentoring by trained and optimally matched mentors.


Leadership training program

IMM-PACT offers a professional leadership training program designed to equip Clinician Scientists with valuable training and experience in those aspects that, perhaps more than excellent analytical abilities and clinical skills, can make the difference between success and failure in academic medicine.


Program Spokesperson

Prof. Dr. Robert Thimme
Department of Medicine II, Medical Center – University of Freiburg


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