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Leadership Curriculum for Scientists

(Advanced) Clinician Scientists and Medical Scientists are already assuming leadership functions to varying degrees in their day-to-day routines as (prospective) board-certified physicians and/or postdocs. By moving up the career ladder in science and in the clinic, they will be expected to take on a broad range of leadership responsibilities. In order to optimally prepare (Advanced) Clinician Scientists and Medical Scientists for their future roles as leaders, the Faculty of Medicine offers a curriculum on leadership in science that is specifically tailored to the needs of this target group.


Target group

Fellows of the intramural funding programs of the Faculty of Medicine (e.g. Berta-Ottenstein-Program, Medical Scientist-Program), of other structured qualification programs (e.g. IMM-PACT, IMMediate) and of Excellence-Programs (e.g. Emmy Noether, Heisenberg, ERC)



This interactive workshop consists of four 2- to 2,5-day modules.




  • Initial meeting and introduction to the program


Module 1: Leadership as a profession

  • General leadership principles
  • Roles of a leader (both in projects with and without true disciplinary leadership responsibility


Module 2: General principles and models for successful communication

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Models of communication
  • Role clarification


Module 3: Using a model to get to know one’s own personality in the context of leadership

  • Developing an understanding for individual differences in personalities and competencies. Learning to communicate with colleagues, superiors and subordinates in a way that addresses individual needs and focuses on individual strengths.    


Module 4: Identifying and de-escalating conflicts

  • Communicating in a calm and goal-oriented way, even in tense situations
  • Clearly defining and communicating your role and that of others, especially when leadership roles are undefined


Wrap-up and personal leadership map



Kick-off: 17. June 2024
Module 1: 18. - 19. June 2024
Module 2: 15. - 16. July 2024
Module 3: 30. September - 01. October 2024
Module 4 and wrap-up: 13. - 15. November 2024


Modules may not be booked individually (see registration information below).



  • 9 am to 5 pm
  • Kick-off und wrap-up: see information provided by the training company



    Mercure Hotel Panorama Freiburg



    Modules will be held in German.


    Number of participants

    Max. 12 persons


    The trainers

    The institute „Professio“ will conduct the curriculum. The trainers are both management counsellors with relevant experience with the target group. Dr. Hansen is M.D. and has been working as a leader and leadership trainer for many years. Dr. Rosellen is a certified expert in the field of communication with a special focus on leadership skills and team building. Detailed trainer profiles can be found here:



    Please only register, if you are available for all course modules.

    The Faculty of Medicine will bear the greater part of the costs. Participants will have to pay 200€. Please note: start the application process by sending an e-mail.

    In this e-mail, please confirm

    • that you will be able to participate in all modules.
    • that your participation has been discussed with and approved by the director/superior of your department/institute.
    • that you are currently being funded within one of the abovementioned programmes (kindly state the programme in your e-mail).


    Contact: Academic Qualification Programs within the Office of the Dean for Research of the Faculty of Medicine e-mail.