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Nursing Science

Our innovative programs in Nursing Science bridge the gap between theory and practice in patient care. The Bachelor’s program combines training in a nursing profession with a university degree. Over six semesters, the students obtain two degrees and are then doubly qualified - in Nursing Science and also as health care, paediatric, and regular nurses. Graduates are well prepared for the future challenges in health care. They work directly with patients and families, and also in projects involving practical and research work.   

The Master’s degree program in Nursing Science was launched in winter semester 2016-17 in cooperation with the Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg. The degree is aimed at graduates of healthcare-related Bachelor’s programs who are recognized professionals in the fields of health care, nursing care, paediatric or geriatric care, or in midwifery. Students obtain further skills in practice and in research over the four-semester program. Furthermore they examine health care in an organizational and social context and become familiar with managerial tasks. Graduates can apply this advanced practical and academic qualification both as professional health care experts and in the fields of research and teaching.

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