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KANEF - Funding Opportunities and Networking

 KaNeF - Careers and Networking for Women in Medicine

We actively seek to promote gender equality at the Faculty of Medicine, by supporting female scientists as well as  female doctors in their professional environment in different ways. Good networking and scientific autonomy are important to be successful in science. With this idea, we have launched the KaNeF support programme, which includes:

  • Sabine von Kleist-habilitation price
  • Funding of a research assistant position to support the scientific work of female junior scientists with young children
  • Scholarship "Fill-in-the-gap"
  • Workshop series "Female Leadership"
  • Financial support for childcare for female junior scientists


The KaNeF programme aims to exert a positive effect on the careers of female scientists and female doctors as well as to motivate women to actively pursue their careers and take on leadership positions.