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Advanced Clinician Scientists

Call for applications

Currently no call for applications. The next call will be in 2022. You can be added on a pre-notification list: .


Advanced Clinician Scientists

Even after medical specialist training combining tasks in research, teaching and health care remains a challenge. Accordingly, the funding line for Advanced Clinician Scientists introduced in 2019 is intended to offer scientifically and clinically active clinicians protected time for research. Compared to the funding line Clinician Scientist, the funding line Advanced Clinician Scientist  is tailored even more individually to the fellows needs. The main focus of the offered qualification courses is on leadership in science.


Target group

The call is open to scientifically and clinically highly qualified board-certified clinicians,

  • who have already completed their habilitation or have obtained their habilitation maturity (including APL-professors), have a proven research profile and lead or are currently building up a scientific working group,
  • who have successfully applied for their own third-party-funds,
  • who preferably have a clinical leadership position, e.g. (Functional) Senior Physicians, and, 
  • who have at least a medium-term perspective at the Medical Center - University of Freiburg.


Principles and goals
  • Protected time for research divided flexibly during the total funding period of three years (generally 20%)
  • Individual qualification programme focussed on leadership skills
  • Accompanying (cross) mentoring
  • Heading/Leading a scientific working group
  • Training and mentoring junior scientists within their own working group
  • Independent, research-oriented teaching


How you can benefit from the Berta-Ottenstein-Programme
  • Participation in a structured excellence programme providing optimal conditions for combining a scientific and clinical career
  • Interdisciplinary networking, exchange and cooperation with peers and renowned scientific experts
  • Support in strategic career planning in the form of mentoring
  • An individual qualification curriculum in form of courses and lectures appropriate to the career stage, primarily on the subject of "leadership in science".
  • Participation in the Faculty's strategic discussions regarding the further development of clinical and medical research as part of the "Fakultätsklausur Forschung" which is held by the Faculty of Medicine every other year.


Requirements for application
  • Please find detailed information in the Guidelines (clinic-internal access only, German only) or via .
  • For enquiries regarding the requirements for application please contact the Coordination Office of the Berta-Ottenstein-Programme (E-Mail, 0761 270-72451).



Applications for Track I (the scientific work part is funded by the Berta-Ottenstein-Programmeme) or Track II (peer-reviewed third-party funding for applicant’s own position) are possible. Please mark the appropriate box in the application form to indicate whether you are applying for Track I or Track II.

Please read the application form including an information sheet carefully. The form can be requested from the Coordination Office of the Berta-Ottenstein-Programme at the Office of the Dean for Research, Faculty of Medicine: .


Curriculum / Courses

Further Information