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Program description

It is the aim of the Berta-Ottenstein-Program to provide clinicians, who are active in research optimal conditions for combining a scientific and clinical career at the Medical Center - University Freiburg within the framework of a structured excellence programme of the Faculty of Medicine. The Berta Ottenstein-Program includes the promotion of Clinician Scientists and the promotion of Advanced Clinician Scientists and has set up appropriate funding lines. With these funding lines an important contribution to enable continuous career paths at the Medical Center - University Freiburg has been established.


Clinical research needs outstanding clinicians who in addition to their patient-care duties are active in research. Day-to-day patient care leaves young clinicians with little time to work on their own research projects. Thus, the Faculty of Medicine launched the Berta-Ottenstein-Program for Clinician Scientists in 2016. 

The structured qualification program provides optimal conditions for combining scientific and clinical careers. Over the course of the three-year program, the fellows conduct a research project in parallel with their medical specialty training. Throughout this time they are supported by mentors. Within the framework of EQUIP, they take part in further scientific and medical training courses, as well as transferable skills courses. 


Even after medical specialist training combining tasks in research, teaching and health care remains a challenge. Accordingly, the funding line for Advanced Clinician Scientists introduced in 2019 as a pilot project is intended to offer scientifically and clinically active clinicians protected time for research. Compared to the funding line Clinician Scientist, the funding line Advanced Clinician Scientist  is tailored even more individually to the fellows needs. The main focus of the offered qualification courses is on leadership in science.


Track I and Track II

The program offers the possibility to apply for Track I or Track II. The two tracks (I and II) differ in the way they are financed: While the scientific activity of Track I Fellows is funded by the Berta-Ottenstein-Program, the scientific activity of Track II Fellows must be either funded by third-party funds or the clinical department. Otherwise, the same terms and conditions apply to Track I and Track II. As a result, the qualification and mentoring program is available to an even larger number of (board certified) physicians.


Further Information