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Governance Structure

The Faculty of Medicine has established an overarching governance structure, in particular to manage Core and Shared Facilities. It also collaborates closely with the University's Research Infrastructures Division.

Research Infrastructure Commission (FISKO)

The FISKO is responsible for the location concept, scientific evaluation and financial support of research infrastructures at the Faculty of Medicine.

The FISKO at the Faculty of Medicine is a commission established by the Faculty Board, comprising nine appointed members of the Research Commission, the chairman of the Budget and LOM Commission by virtue of office, two members from the group of professors of the Faculty of Medicine with voting rights, one exceptional scientist in his/her qualification phase as well as a deputy. The Vice-Dean for Research chairs the committee by virtue of his/her office. Further advisory members are the Dean of Research as well as the head of the Office of the Dean for Research and the officer for research infrastructures.

 The FISKO meets once a year and on an ad hoc basis. The rules of procedure of the Research Infrastructure Commission can be found here (internal access only) or can be requested by .



Professor Carola Hunte (Chair)
Professor Jürgen Beck, Professor Toni Cathomen, Professor Anna Köttgen, Professor Andreas Vlachos, Professor Robert Thimme, Professor Dennis Wolf, Professor Robert Zeiser, Professor Hartmut Hengel, Professor Melanie Börries, Professor Steffen Eisenhardt, Privatdozentin Dr. Elke Neumann-Haefelin, (Deputy Privatdozent Dr. Achim Lother)
Professor Lutz Hein (Dean) (advisory), Dr. Werner (advisory), Dr. Jennifer Eßer (advisory) 

Administrative Division

Research Infrastructures - Office of the Dean for Research of the Medical Faculty


Research Infrastructure Working Group (AK-FIS)

The AK-FIS serves as a platform for the exchange of experiences and mutual support between the heads of the Central, Core and Shared Facilities. The AK-FIS addresses the overall interests of the Facilities and discusses the practical implementation of the recommendations and decisions of the Faculty of Medicine or the FISKO.

Administrative Division for Research Infrastructures

The Administrative Division for Research Infrastructures is located within the Office of the Dean for Research. The tasks of the administrative division are the administration of the FISKO and the AK-FIS as well as the implementation of the research infrastructure concept.


Administrative Division for Research Infrastructures

PD Dr. Jennifer Eßer
Administrative Division for Research Infrastructures
Breisacher Straße 153
79110 Freiburg
Tel:  +49 761/270-84688

Fax: +49 761/270-84670