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Research Infrastructures Facilities' Open Day

Previous Events

"Review of the Open Day" 29.09.2023

The Faculty of Medicine is pleased with the great response to the first Research Infrastructures (RI) Facilities' Open Day with over 60 participants. There were interesting presentations from the individual RI Facilities and lively discussions in front of the posters and during the tours. The event took place on 29.09.2023 and was organised by the Administrative Division for Research Infrastructures of the Office of the Dean for Research and the RI Facilities.

You can find the program here.

Participated RI Facilities

  • AMIR-CF (Preclinical Imaging Research Center)
  • LCF (Lighthouse Core Facility)
  • FiPS (Freiburg iPS Core)
  • MRDAC (MR Development and Application Center)
  • AquaCore - (Aquatic Core Facility for Zebrafish and Xenopus research)
  • CF-HDP (Core Facility für Histopathologie und Digitale Pathologie)
  • ProtCF (Proteomik Plattform – Core Facility)
  • MetaboCF (Translational Metabolomic Plattform – Core Facility)
  • FREEZE-O (Organoid Biobank)
  • FREEZE-Biobank (Zentrum für Biobanking)
  • CEMT (Center for Experimental Models and Transgenic Service)
  • ZKS (Zentrum Klinische Studien)