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Since the end of 1990 a wide spread of mentoring programmes at universities (and other higher education institutions) can be observed in all disciplines, including medicine. This is in order to increase the number of women in these disciplines as well as the number of women in leadership positions.

The mentoring programme EIRA, from the Faculty of Medicine in Freiburg, was implemented in 2010 and has since accompanied 99 mentees in 5 different rounds of about 1,5 years each.


The 6th round of the EIRA Mentoring Program was solemnly concluded on May 19 together with the 5th round EIRA.

The 7th round of the EIRA Mentoring Program started with 20 mentees on October 7, 2022 with a ceremonial kick-off.




   Statements of former mentees

(translated from German)


"Eye-opening-experience. Many thanks!!"

[Event: Gender and Science]

"Aspects that are not discussed in a scientific context."

[Event: Gender and Science]

"I really learned something for (scientific) life."

[Event: Scientific Writing]

"Open discussion, new thought impulses and many practical examples."

[Event: Burn Out Prophylaxis]

"Motivated coaches and fruitful exchange in the group."

[Event: FIRE Module 2]

"Many aspects for practical implementation, clear concepts and plenty of room for reflection."

[Event: FIRE Module 1]

"Great insight into a previously strange world of thought."

[Event: Arrogance-Training]

"See the programme as a privilege and an enrichment."

[Evaluation 4th round EIRA]

"The programme offers a first-class quartet of networks, soft skill courses, professional mentoring and individual coaching."

[Evaluation 4th round EIRA]

"Good programme, especially the workshops were great! The contact with the other women who are in the same situation, among others, was enriching."

[Evaluation 3rd round EIRA]

"A great thing, I benefited a lot and I am very grateful for participating."

[Evaluation 3rd round EIRA]

"I have definitely gained in self-confidence and have realised what I personally want to achieve."

[Evaluation 2nd round EIRA]