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The Network of University Medicine (NUM)

In April 2020, the Network University Medicine (NUM) was established as part of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis management. The aim of the NUM is to better coordinate COVID-19 research at all 36 university hospitals in Germany by pooling the competencies, resources and research activities of those involved. In the medium term, the structures and concepts created within the NUM will also be used for research into other disease patterns and for collaborative research in medicine at universities in general.

The network's activities are and have been supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in two funding phases, with further funding phases planned. In the first funding phase (01.04.2020 to 31.12.2021), for which the BMBF pledged €150 million, NUM scientists worked together on 13 nationwide, cross-site research projects, 10 of which involving researchers from the Freiburg site. The second funding phase (01.01.2022 to 30.06.2025) is currently underway and a total of 22 infrastructure and research projects are set to receive €240 million  in BMBF funding. Researchers from Freiburg will participate in 16 of these planned projects.

The NUM is currently run by a National Task Force (NTF). The Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin has undertaken the role as national coordinating body (KS) while at the same time supporting the NTF. In the future, the NUM will be transformed into an registered association (e. V.) with its own governance structure. At each of the 36 participating university hospitals, a local staff unit (LokS) was established in the second funding phase to coordinate NUM activities at their respective sites.

Detailed information about the NUM and its projects at the Freiburg site is now available on the website of the Medical Center – University of Freiburg.